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Hybrid/On-off grid solar system

Hybrid inverters can effectively overcome the limitations of existing solar inverters that can only be connected to the grid for power generation, as well as that off-grid inverters are limited in load power consumption when the sun is weak, and can effectively improve the equipment's use of solar energy Efficiency, especially suitable for occasions where the grid is unstable or the grid power supply cost is high.

Pure sine wave

The sine wave inverter has little interference to radios, communication equipment and precision equipment, low noise, strong load adaptability, can meet all AC load applications, and the overall efficiency is high.

MPPT built-in

There is no need to purchase an additional MPPT controller, which saves costs. MPPT, the abbreviation of Maximum PowerPoint Tracking, is "Maximum Power Point Tracking" in Chinese. It means that the inverter adjusts the output power of the photovoltaic array according to the characteristics of different external environment temperature and light intensity, so that the photovoltaic array always outputs the maximum power. The role of MPPT: Because the solar cell receives the influence of external factors such as light intensity and environment, its output power changes, and the light intensity emits more electricity. The inverter with MPPT maximum power tracking is to make full use of the solar cell and make it run. At the maximum power point. That is to say, under the condition of the same solar radiation, the output power after MPPT will be higher than that before MPPT, which is the function of MPPT.

Can run without battery

When the battery is not connected to the photovoltaic off-grid system and the grid is out of power, the system converts the direct current generated by the photovoltaic panel into alternating current to supply power to the load. Many off-grid inverters need to be connected to the battery when working, but some of Neste's inverters do not require batteries, which can save battery costs when the module photovoltaic system is sealed.

WIFI optional

Using the WiFi module, you can download the Optical Storage App on your mobile phone, and monitor the inverter's data through the App.


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